About Landmark Group


Landmark Group’s main areas of activity are:

Real estate investment and development projects

Landmark Group has been investing in real estate, especially in London, since 1994. The company has been involved in a wide variety of real estate projects, including of brownfield sites (cleansed sites previously used for industrial or commercial purposes), conversion of redundant buildings for alternative purposes, and the purchase of existing investment properties with development or refurbishment potential.realestate

For additional information on the company, see the Property Development page.

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Landmark Group invests in and manages public hospitals in China. In joint investment with the Chinese local government, the company has introduced modern management techniques, modern healthcare standards, new technologies and worldwide professional connections to Chinese hospitals.

For additional information on the company’s projects, see the healthcare page.

Landmark Group also manages bond portfolios, and natural resources projects (oil and iron ore) in Russia and Africa.