One of the Landmark Group’s key projects is the development and management of public hospitals in China. The large Chinese public healthcare sector (a population of 1.4 billion, and 16,781 mid-to-large public hospitals), along with the government’s favorable view of improving the quality of public hospitals through investment has made Landmark a key player in the field. 

 Landmark’s development of public hospitals in China includes modernization of healthcare standards, technologies and equipment, as well as the introduction of modern management techniques, reconstruction of hospital teams and personnel, networking of strategically-located hospitals and collaboration with international medical institutes. These steps not only improved the service given to patients, but also increased the revenue generated by the hospitals.Puren

 Among Landmark’s notable healthcare projects is the Xinan Binggong Hospital in Sichuan. As a result of Landmark’s investment and management, the hospital has not only increased its revenue, but also managed to show steadily-growing profit for the first time.

 One of Landmark’s greatest advantaged in the Chinese public healthcare sector is its status as early mover, as it was one of the first companies to recognize the sector’s potential. The group also takes pride in its excellent relationship with Chinese institutes, and the respect for its people’s expertise in China (Landmark’s chairman, Doron Biran has lectured as part-time professor at Beijing’s Tsinghua University). The group has obtained a valuable, and difficult to obtain, private sector license for hospital management. It has set a very high bar for any company that want to enter the Chinese public healthcare sector in the future.

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