Natural Resources

Landmark Group invests in and manages natural resources projects in Russia and Africa. The company, chaired by Doron Biran, has gained a highly successful track record with oil and iron ore projects in both regions.

At Landmark natural resources project usually begins with finding the best location – one that holds the natural resource, is close enough (or accessible enough) to prospective industrial organizations that can use it, and has yet to realize its potential. The next step is the exploration of the infrastructure and transport options available at the location – in some cases, a local infrastructure exists, though it needs to be developed to maximize the location’s potential.  Such infrastructure can be a local, government-owned mining company; Landmark has collaborated with governments in investing and developing such companies.

After performing the initial exploration process, an extensive evaluation of the site and its potential takes place. The company’s experienced, well-connected team of managers prepares a plan for investment in the site, and the end result is a natural-resources project with far higher revenue than before.

 Landmark Group’s work on natural resources projects has proven itself beneficial for investors and countries alike, pushing forward local development and giving the company a “first mover” advantage in many locations.